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Our bodies are controlled by the information traveling through our nerves. A chiropractic adjustment can free-up the pathways for those messages, leading toward a healthier, more active life.
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Your Upper Cervical Specialist

Dr. Latchman’s focus is on a small misalignment of the first vertebra that the head sits on (the connection between your head and neck), a condition called the Atlas Subluxation Complex. This misalignment can block the communication between your brain and body causing pain, stress, tension, and overall physical and emotional dysfunction.
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Other Adjustments

In addition to upper cervical adjustments, Dr. Latchman adjusts other areas of the spine and extremities (arms, legs, knees, toes) as determined by her examination.
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Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help With…

  • Injuries

    A majority of the time, injuries result in misalignment of vertebra of the spine, which could result in malfunction of various organs/functions of the body. Correcting that misalignment may result in the return of function.
  • Headaches, Allergies, Arthritis and More

    Headaches, allergies, arthritis and other ailments may be the result of spine misalignment caused at birth or by old injuries or other problems. Regular treatments may open the communication pathways of the body and reduce or eliminate these symptoms and therefore returning to good health.
  • Disc Conditions

    Some disc problems may be resolved by adjustments, which relieve pressure in the spine allowing the disc to heal.
  • Living Well and Growing Old Gracefully

    Bodily functions are controlled by messages that travel through nerves to all areas of the body. Without those message disease results. Correcting a misalignment allows these messages to flow freely so the body can function at its optimal level without looking and feeling old.


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Tom Forest D.C. explains the Blair Upper Cervical Technique
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